Mount Baden-Powell in 4.5 Minutes (4K)

Reopened after the Bobcat Fire, the mountain remains untouched, save views of Phos Chek lines and distant loaders conducting fire-suppression repairs. The noise is remote and disappears a mile in. Mount Baden-Powell is the perfect hike for beginners interested in peak bagging; it’s non-technical and impossible to get lost. And after forty (you heard right, that’s 4-0) switchbacks, you’re rewarded with a gorgeous saddle and spectacular views of the lower Mojave to the north, and the imposing peaks of the San Gabriels to the south. Join the Dizzy Hiker on a visit to the “Boy Scout” of SoCal peaks—it’s clean, trustworthy, courteous and kind, et cetera et cetera.

  • Distance: 8.3 miles
  • Type: Out and Back Single Track
  • Elevation: 9,406 feet (see video for controversy)
  • Gain: 2,788 feet
  • Difficulty: Hard-ish
  • Time: 3-5 hours
  • Fees: Adventure Pass
  • Location: San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest
  • Recommended 3-Season Gear: Hiking shoes, at least 1.5L water, light jacket for the summit
  • Two Junctions: Take a RIGHT at Lamel Spring (Mile 2); stay LEFT/STRAIGHT at PCT Jct (Mile 4)

We love Mount Baden Powell for…

  • Its obvious, well maintained trail
  • Non-technical, slow and easy incline
  • Intermittent shade
  • Whispering trees
  • No sketchy sections
  • Few rocky sections
  • Rowdy corvids
  • Stunning ridge with thousand-year-old pines
  • Breathtaking views near and at the summit

The only downside for Angelenos on the west side: It’s a 1.5-hr. drive east to the edge of the Angeles National Forest and then on the Angeles Crest Highway (2) backtracking west from Wrightwood. The westward ACH is closed to traffic at Vincent Gulch, just past the parking lot at Baden-Powell.

Music: “Vacation” by Markvard Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream Music promoted by Audio Library

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